8 Incredible Day Trips from Seville

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Heading to Spain and looking for the best day trips from Seville? This guide has everything you need, including what to do in each city and how to get there. 

Seville is one of the best destinations in Spain. As the central city of the Andalusia region, Seville is famous for its architecture and historic monuments. It’s also home to the famous flamenco dance, which is not to be missed here. 

Many visitors also visit Seville because it’s a great starting point for exploring the rest of Spain’s Andalusia region. It’s well connected to the rest of the region, so you can take plenty of day trips without ever renting a car or hiring a taxi. 

Ready to explore all the best day trips from Seville? Save this guide as you’re planning your trip to Southern Spain!

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Visiting Seville 

After taking in all the fantastic sights of Seville, you can add these amazing day trips to your itinerary:

1. Seville to Granada Day Trip

To see the most of Granada, you really need to spend an entire weekend here. However, if you only have time for a day trip, you can still see some of the best sites and attractions. 

Definitely book a guided tour if you’re only going for a day. This way, your time is managed, and you won’t miss out on anything important. 

Here are the top things to add to your Granada day trip from Seville:

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Getting to Granada

No matter how you explore Granada, you need to get an early start to make the most of your day. All guided tours to Granada from Seville start early in the morning, so be prepared. 

If you don’t book a tour, I recommend taking the high-speed train, which takes about 2.5 hours. Don’t take the bus for a day trip because it can take more than 3 hours. The bus is a good cheap option, though, if you are doing a weekend or a longer trip to Granda. 

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2. Seville to Cordoba Day Trip

Cordoba is one of the most popular day tours from Seville for a few reasons. Its city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so many people come just to see the beauty and history of the center. 

Cordoba gets very busy at the beginning of May because it hosts the famous Courtyards Festival. During the festival, all the patios and courtyards in the city center are open to visitors and tourists, even the ones that belong to people’s homes. 

It’s a time for the community to unite, welcome visitors, and share fantastic food and drinks. There is also a lot of music and flamenco dancing. 

If you’re not in Cordoba during May, don’t worry! There are still plenty of other things to see and do, including:

view of cordoba city at sunset, palace in the background with view of the bridge in front, trips from seville, seville day trips, day trips from seville without a car

Getting to Cordoba 

Cordoba is at the top of the list if you’re looking for one of the top day trips from Seville by train. A high-speed train leaves Seville several times a day, and it only takes 45 minutes to reach Cordoba. 

Depending on your speed, you can walk to the Mesquita from the train station in about 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have the energy to walk, you can also get a taxi from the train station. 

Unlike other Seville day trips, I don’t recommend taking the bus from Seville to Cordoba. It has too many stops, and it can take two or more hours to reach Cordoba. 

3. Seville to Ronda Day Trip

Ronda is one of the best day trips from Seville for those who want to see the stunning Spanish countryside. It has an incredible climate all year round, and the locals are known for being warm and inviting to visitors, which makes your day trip more fun. 

Here are the best things to do in Ronda:

famous bridge in ronda, view from the side of the bridge where you can see the cliffs below, white buildings in the distance, seville to ronda day trip, day tours from seville, best day trips from seville

Getting to Ronda 

Ronda is one of the only day trips from Seville where taking the train is not an option. So, you will either rent a car or take the bus. Los Amarillos bus company leaves Seville for Ronda several times a day, and the journey takes about two and a half hours. 

You can also book a guided tour to Ronda, which includes transportation and all activities. 

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4. Seville to Cadiz Day Trip

Cadiz should be your first place if you’re looking for one of the best Seville day trips to learn about Spain’s history. As one of the oldest port cities in Europe, it’s full of stunning architecture, a breathtaking cathedral, and small cobblestone streets. 

Like most Spanish cities, it has an old town area with all the main historical sites. Taking a walking tour of the Cadiz is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any history. 

Most walking tours also take you to the Cadiz Cathedral, where you can climb to the top of the tower and get a great view of the city. 

After your tour, make sure to visit these sites:

aeriel view of the city of cadiz, coean in the distance, all white buildiings, church towers in the middle of the photo, seville to cadiz day trip

Getting to Cadiz 

Cadiz is one of the best day trips from Seville without a car because you have plenty of public transportation options. The train only takes about an hour and a half so it’s the best and fastest choice. 

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can take the bus. It will take about 2 hours or more, depending on your route and how many stops there are. 

5. Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip 

Taking a Gibraltar day trip is a bucket list item for many people because they want to see the last British colony in Europe. Visiting this territory is a unique experience because you are on the southern tip of Spain, but everything around you is British. 

From the iconic phone boxes to typical English pub food, you can have a day trip to Gibraltar that feels like you traveled to the UK. 

Gibraltar is also famous for being home to the Barbary Macaques monkeys, which you can spot as you walk around and take in the scenery. 

famous rock of gibraltar, view of the rock from the coastline, turquoise ocean water, gibraltar day trip from seville

Getting to Gibraltar 

Traveling to Gibraltar takes a little planning because it’s not part of the Schengen Zone since it’s still a British territory. You might require an extra visa to enter, depending on your nationality. 

I recommend going on a day tour for a seamless day trip without too much travel time. They can organize everything for you, including the border crossing, so you don’t have too much stress as you enter and exit Spain. 

6. Seville to Tangier, Morocco 

If you’re in Seville and interested in visiting an entirely different country and continent, taking a day trip to Tangier in Morocco is the perfect option! 

Tangier is famous because it’s a beautiful city with a mix of different cultures, including North African, French, and Spanish. 

While in Tangier, here are the best things not to miss:

  • Have a drink at Gran Cafè de Paris. Shown in the Bourne Ultimatum, this cafe was famous back in the day for hosting diplomats and international spies. Their coffee is also excellent and not to be missed. 
  • Climb down the Cave of Hercules. The Greek God Hercules was said to have climbed down into this cave. You can either enter from the top by land or at the bottom by the ocean and climb to the top. 
  • Treat yourself at Hotel El Minzah. This hotel has been open since the 1930s and is frequented by Hollywood stars and politicians. They have amazing food and even better drinks but come at a heavy price tag. 
  • Go shopping in the souks. These are small local shops where you can find anything from spices to livestock to handmade goods. Sundays and Thursdays are the days that locals shop, so be prepared for a crowded and sweaty day. 
castle in tangier morocco, tall palm tree in front, road blocks blocking off the castle in a circle so cars can go around it

Getting to Tangier 

Getting to Tangier takes a few hours, so you must get an early start in the morning. You will first need to go from Seville to the Tarifa Port, which takes about two hours by train

You will catch a ferry to Tangier at the port, which takes about 30 minutes to an hour. 

If you book a tour, they will arrange all the transportation. Expect to leave Seville at about 6 in the morning and return to Seville at around nine at night. It’s a long day but well worth the effort and time. 

7. Seville to Doñana National Park 

Doñana National Park is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site with endless ecosystems to explore. It also has many different wildlife species, including flamingoes and imperial eagles. 

You can easily spend an entire day getting lost in the park with hiking, birdwatching, and lounging on the beach. 

Playa de Matalascañas is the most visited beach by tourists because it has tons of bars and tapas restaurants. So, feel free to lounge on the beach and have a few drinks and small bites.

donana national park, greenery with patches of sand, blue sky covered in fluffy cloud

Getting to Doñana National Park 

Unfortunately, there are no good public transportation options to the national park from Seville. You must rent a car or book a tour for the easiest and most efficient way to get to Doñana National Park. 

8. Jerez de la Frontera 

If you’re a fan of drinking Sherry, Jerez de la Frontera should be your first-day trip from Seville. Sherry is one of the oldest wines in the world and has been produced in Jerez de la Frontera since the beginning. 

This is also one of the top day trips from Seville for those who love horses or are aspiring equestrians. 

While you can see shows all year round, May is the most popular time because of the famous Jerez Horse Fair, which has been going on for over 500 years. 

old building in jerez de la frontera, four trees with purple flowers growing in front of the building

Getting to Jerez de la Frontera 

You can easily take a bus or train to Jerez from Seville. They both stop in Cadiz, so you can do both day trips simultaneously. 

Some tours also allow you to book day trips to both places at the same time.

Don’t Miss These Fantastic Day Trips From Seville! 

Are you planning your trip to Southern Spain and looking to do some incredible day trips from Seville? I hope this guide gave you all the information you need to know to plan the perfect getaway to Seville and the surrounding areas. 

Which of these trips from Seville are you going to do first? 

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