Are you searching for a way to shape your life around your passion for travel that focuses on what you want and not what you should do? If so, you’re in the right place!

To understand my reasons and inspirations for starting My Flying Leap, join me for a journey back in time…

When I was a child, I never traveled except to visit family in the U.S. I took my first trips out of the country when I was 22, driving to see Niagara Falls (on the U.S./Canada border) then flying to see Jamaica. Visiting Jamaica gave me a taste for the treasures of the world and opened my eyes to the cultural and economic differences.

Some of my friends were taking a gap year of sorts to travel or took long breaks between jobs to find themselves, and I plunged myself in deep to establish a career. My fear of not having enough as I did when I put myself through college drove me to prioritize work over play.

I wanted to travel more but I didn’t prioritize it. And besides, my life was pretty good. I was doing all of the things I thought I was supposed to be doing and I was content.

dunns river falls, waterfall, jamaica, life of travel
Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

My Golden Handcuffs

In my 30s, I started shifting my focus to see the world while balancing it with my career. I added South and Central America and Southeast Asia to my travels and discovered that I love learning about other places including the people and their cultures, customs, cuisines, architecture, art, and natural beauty. I’m a city girl with a great love of the world in all of its forms.

I had a strong urge to move abroad and travel slowly, but I felt trapped in the “golden handcuffs” of my steady 9-to-5 job. I didn’t feel I could, or should, make a change. Sound familiar? So, I continued working and traveling every day of my allotted vacation time feeling like I was getting further and further from my BIG DREAM—and from me. 

I tried to convince myself it was enough. But it wasn’t.

So, I started to plan my escape.

Work, me at work, girl with two thumbs up excited to win a competition with the tallest structure made from pasta, a marshmallow, and a rubber band
It’s not always so bad, right?

Creating My Own Path

When I read other people’s stories about escaping the corporate world to travel more, it seemed like everyone just up and quit their job, sold their things, and they were off! Such an exciting adventure and part of me really wanted to do just that—but it’s so not me. I’m a planner at heart and my desire for extreme spontaneity like that had me paralyzed for a long time.

Instead, I mapped out my 5-year plan to freedom. I started thinking about the things I enjoy and what I could do for work from anywhere in the world. Then it hit me: writing is my passion!

I started to pitch myself for copywriting jobs and landed my first client while still working full time. This gig allowed me to dust the cobwebs off of my writing skills to learn and grow. Then, I found tapping my creativity daily sparked my energy and enthusiasm for everything, including my full-time gig. And added bonus—I have more money for travel!

That excitement launched a new idea: My Flying Leap. Not only could I share my love of travel and how much growth it inspires when traveling outside of our comfort zone to see the world, but I could share my journey towards a nomadic life filled with travel.

It’s not over—my story is still unfolding. And you can come along for the ride!

Keeping an Eye to the Future

Instead of looking ahead with fear of the unknown or feeling that my life is passing me by, I’m excited about what the future will bring. Now, I’m working to transition the blog from a hobby to a business and I’m starting to make plans for my future on a path that I feel comfortable with. 

And I’m so thrilled to share my journey! If you want to find practical ways to travel more or travel differently, you’ll find that here. If you want to find ways to challenge yourself, like with solo travel or more off-the-beaten-path destinations (like my solo trip to Colombia), you’ll find that here, too.

As I continue putting my plans into motion, I’ll be sure to share that as well.

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Is My Flying Leap Your Thing?

If you want to create a life with more travel, no matter what your vision of that looks like or your path to get there, then this website is for you. If you have a big crazy dream but you’re not sure how you’ll get there and you’re not the type to jump without a net—well, you’ll find lots of inspiration here, too.

I know together we can do this!

My goal is to help you find ways to increase your travels and even reshape a life around travel that draws on what you want and not what you feel you should do. Because who wants other people to write the rules for how we live our lives?

And, of course, I want to continue providing inspiring places for you to visit.

No matter what your vision looks like, we can walk this path together. It may be unconventional (or maybe not!), but it will be rewarding!

sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith

Let’s Get Started Creating Your Life of Travel

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Here’s a post to get you started with a little more information about my story. Or, if you’re interested in learning what’s on this site, check out the “Start Here” page on the main menu at the top of the page. I’m so thrilled you’re here.

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