Get to know My Flying Leap and the team behind it, including who we are and why we love what we do. If you’re searching for a way to shape your life around your passion for travel, focusing on what you want and not what you should do, you’re in the right place!

About Me

I’m Sam, the founder of My Flying Leap, and here’s my story.

I got my first taste of travel at 22 and was hooked! I wanted more but felt locked in my “golden handcuffs” working a corporate job. You know—the 9 to 5+ job I was told I should do.

I tried to tell myself that traveling during my vacations was enough, but it wasn’t. I felt trapped, so I planned my escape.

Sound familiar?

It’s not always so bad, is it?

When I read other people’s stories about escaping the corporate world to travel more, it didn’t resonate. Spontaneously selling all of my things to take off didn’t feel right. Instead of inspiring me, it paralyzed me.

Then, I mapped out my 5-year freedom plan. After starting a side hustle and then another while still working full-time, I threw myself into work that I loved and hoped would someday sustain me. 

This blog was part of that experiment in 2018. It allows me to grow as a person while traveling outside of my comfort zone to see the world, and it also lets me share the journey with others, which I love. And in 2021, I was able to welcome Natalie to the team!

Four years later, I left my corporate job with the freedom of doing work that I love and the ability to do it from anywhere. My story is still unfolding, and you can come along for the ride and inspiration! 

Sometimes, I’ll travel with friends, solo, and sometimes with my ‘lil guy, Jagger!

Adorable little stinker, right?

I’ve traveled extensively through North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. Some of my favorite places include Italy and Sicily, Vietnam, and Peru.

I have a marketing degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and my MBA from a small college in Massachusetts. I also have several Project Management certifications (PMP, CSP, SAFe), and offer PM consulting and services.

Everyone’s story is a little different. You can write yours!

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About the Team

Our small but mighty team shares their expertise about the incredible places they’ve been around the world. They are digital nomads with incredible life experiences they love sharing in their professionally-written posts.


Natalie currently lives in Uganda, where she works as a freelancer and operates an NGO to give women entrepreneurs the start-up money they need for their businesses.

Of all the countries she’s been to, her favorite places are South Africa, Norway, and Ireland.

She’s traveled extensively around Southeast Asia, Europe, and East Africa. She’s also lived in many places since graduating college, including France, Thailand, South Africa, and Uganda.

Natalie attended Georgia State University and worked briefly in the USA after graduating before deciding that she wanted to pursue traveling and living abroad full-time. Her journey began in Thailand, where she taught English.

She’s since worked around the world, including working at an orphanage in Cambodia, volunteering at a drug rehab center in Cape Town, living as an au pair in France, working at a preschool in Tanzania, and now working full-time in Uganda.

While traveling, she likes to do a mix of the main attractions and off-the-beaten-path tours. She also likes to do anything outdoors, including hiking, going on wildlife safaris, and even climbing Kilimanjaro!

Natalie loves writing and sharing her travel experiences with you!


Sasha and his wife, Rachel, founded a travel and lifestyle website, Grateful Gnomads.

They have been sustainably traveling for over ten years, and Sasha is an experienced online English teacher and video producer. He studied video production at Michigan State University.

Sasha and Rachel have lived around the world including in Mexico, Bali, China, and other countries.

He has expertise in Mexico and the United States and has contributed to My Flying Leap in these areas.

Sasha’s passionate about traveling, having the freedom to do work that he loves, the band Phish, and sharing his passions with readers on My Flying Leap!

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