Have you ever thought about traveling solo? Or maybe you’re waiting for that perfect traveling companion or special someone to travel with. While you’re waiting, all sorts of exciting adventures are passing you by..

The truth about solo travel

  • You don’t need to travel with someone else to have an amazing time.
  • You’re not a “walking target” when you travel solo, and in fact, you can even be safer than with you travel others.
  • You won’t be alone the entire time (unless you want to be).
  • There’s no better way to meet others than when you’re traveling solo.
  • People won’t be silently judging you for traveling solo (and they may even be curious and want to ask you about it).
  • It’s easier to meet people when you’re traveling on your own as you’re more approachable.

Here’s a little secret—you’re actually more approachable when you’re on your own. So, if your goal is to meet new people and to immerse in a cultural experience, there is no better way to do it than by traveling solo.

When you’re starting out

Now, this isn’t to say it’s not a little unnerving or even scary in the beginning. But, you also don’t need to plan a solo trip for an entire month until you’re ready for it. Start small. Go to a local restaurant on your own, or take a day trip on your own somewhere close to home where you feel more comfortable. Work up to a weekend away in your home country, then a long weekend abroad. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked.

Most people don’t travel solo because they have no friends or don’t have a partner. They travel solo because they know what a rich and rewarding experience it is. You learn so much about yourself and others when you travel solo.

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