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Joya Spa—Is the Omni Scottsdale Spa Worth It?

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I visited the Joya Spa in the Omni Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of the most popular things to do in the Phoenix area is heading to one of the spa resorts in Arizona.

A spa is always a great way to recharge your batteries and enjoy some luxury and relaxation.

There are a lot of spa resorts in Arizona to choose from and even more spas in Arizona. With so many choices, it’s a tough decision to pick the right one for you.

With this in mind, my friend and I visited the Joya Spa in Omni Montelucia. Did it meet our expectations? Read my honest review of the Omni Spa to find out!

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My Visit to the Omni Resort and Spa

I love luxury as much as anyone else. However, in truth, it’s not something I do very often. I don’t go to spas often, so it is a special experience for me.

So, it was a big decision when it came to choosing where I’d go for my spa day to celebrate retiring early from my full-time job to dedicate to my travel blog and life. We booked a day at the Joya Spa based on a friend’s recommendation.

We parked in the garage and headed to the resort. When you walk up, you know this place is special. From the beautiful vine-covered walls to the soothing water features, I could feel my breath deepen, and I felt more relaxed before even entering the spa.

The architecture is Spanish and just beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful water features, outdoor fireplaces, small gardens, and sitting areas designed to get you in the headspace for relaxation.

outside of the omni spa, vineyards and plants growing on the building, courtyard with landscaping in the middle, omni resort and spa, omni hotel spa

Entering the Joya Spa

We headed through the archway into the Joya Spa building with our excitement building. Here, the styling changes from Spanish to mix with Moroccan, and you know you’ve been transported to a different and exquisite area.

entrance to the joya spa, my friend Tish standing at the entrance and smiling, arizona spa resport, day spa scottsdale, scottsdale spa, arizona spa resort
Joya Spa entrance and happy Tish!

You arrive and see a large, beautifully-carved wooden desk with staff to greet you. It’s a large room filled with retail items for purchase, including incredible spa treatment items.

If you want to continue the experience once you go home, check out the amazing array of products! And the salon is downstairs off of this main room for their hair and nail treatments.

Walk up the Mediterranean-styled staircase to transport you to a Moroccan-inspired wonderland. At the top, you walk down a corridor filled with Moroccan patterns, furniture, and artwork.

A lovely aspect of visiting the Joya Spa is that you can use the facilities for as long as you want if you schedule a treatment. So, it’s a great way to make a luxurious day!

The Joy of Intention Room

Head down the corridor to the Joy of Intention room. Just outside, there is a box filled with five different stones that you use to set the tone of your visit. Choose from the stones: tiger eye, rose quartz, hematite, blue lace agate, and rhodonite.

Move into the next room and leave your chosen stone with your intention. Take a moment’s pause to feel the tranquil, soothing energy as you pass through this area.

Next, you walk into a round-shaped room where a massive 55-pound quartz crystal awaits you. Touch the stone and close your eyes to feel the vibration. My friend felt her fingers tingling a bit, and I felt a soothing calm.

It radiates a shifting multicolored light and emits a sense of calm, peace, and wonder. Take a moment to breathe it in, then head into the spa.

Welcome Room

The first room you enter is a comfortable seating area. There are plush and welcoming cushions beckoning you to relax. You’ll find tea options on one wall, water flavored with citrus, cucumber, or the like, and some snacks.

This is the room where you’re greeted into the spa, and a staff member will walk you around to orient you to the many different rooms. It’s also the spot where you are greeted for your spa service.

Locker Rooms and Facilities

You will get a locker for your things, and inside you’ll find a plush robe. You can get slippers if you’d like as well.

There are several changing areas with lockers, a row of bathrooms, an area with sinks, and another spot for getting ready. Everything you can imagine is provided, including hair dryers and other appliances, hair ties, and more.

The showers are supplied with luxurious shampoo, conditioner, and bath wash. Though, you may not want to wash off the incredible creams they use in their treatments!

There are separate facilities for men and women.

Joya Bath

Once you’re ready, proceed to the bath. In this large room, you have a number of options. One of my favorites is the hammam, a warm room with a large heated bench.

I fell in love with this in Italy on my yoga adventure. It may not sound decadent to sit on a concrete slab covered in small tiles, but I assure you, it feels wonderful!

It’s soothing for any aches you may have, and once your body is toasty warm, it’s incredibly relaxing. And the bench is perfectly rounded to fit your body comfortably.

heated bench in the joya bath room, joya spa, omni resort and spa
Heated bench

There is a huge hot tub, a wet and a dry sauna, and a cold shower in this area. You have the option to perform a traditional Moroccan hammam experience in the hot, warm, and cold rooms if you choose.

I’ll admit that dumping cold water on myself after luxuriating in a hot tub just didn’t sound very appealing, so I passed on that.

Whisper Room

The whisper room may just be the height of decadence at the spa. You’ll find a row of beds with the most incredibly soft bamboo sheets in it.

They have lovely flowing fabric between them, providing a soothing place for rest and relaxation. You might be surprised how tired you get after all of this papering!

There is a female whisper room and a co-ed room. The female room has a row of double beds, so you can enjoy girlfriend time if you’d like.

The co-ed room has a row of single beds. We were given a tip that the co-ed room isn’t used as much, so it’s a more private experience if you’d rather catch a snooze with less company in the room.

Outdoor Pool

Another treat of the Joya Spa is its outdoor pool overlooking the gorgeous Camelback Mountain. It’s a private pool only for spa visitors.

There are rows of comfortable lounge chairs with small side tables. Grab a plush towel and enjoy the view and the incredible drinks served poolside. Even if it’s chilly, you can enjoy the views in your bathrobe—no judgment here!

And the pool is nice and toasty warm, so it’s worth a swim even on cooler days. Don’t miss their incredible sweet potato tater tots—yes, seriously. They’ll even serve them on the side of the pool.

And there are plenty of umbrellas and covered areas if you want to limit your sun exposure.


The Joya Spa offers a range of treatments, from facials to manicures and pedicures, to hair and body treatments. It’s not an easy decision!

My friend chose the facial and loved it. She said it was the best she’s had and highly recommends it.

I got the ginger and white tea body treatment. It’s 80 minutes and includes a salt scrub, massage, and hot stone foot massage.

While getting the foot massage, they wrap you up so your body soaks in the emollient cream. My skin was soft and smooth and felt incredible! It was bliss, and I did my best to fall asleep and miss a moment!

I lucked out and scored one of the five luxurious suites for my treatment. You can rent them by half-day or full-day, and I especially recommend this if you’re having a romantic day at the spa with your partner. The cover photo on this post is an image of this suite.

The room had a large bed, two treatment tables, a large shower, and a large spa tub. If you open the dark drapes, you get a view of Camelback Mountain and the pool. You can see outside from the room, but people at the pool cannot see in.

Joya Spa Visit Details

Here is what you need to know to visit the Joya Spa.

  • Joya Spa is open daily from 9 to 7.
  • It’s located in the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia in Paradise Valley, AZ. The address is 4949 E Lincoln Dr, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.
  • Book your spa treatment(s) at (480) 627-3020  or email [email protected].
  • A credit card is required to secure bookings.
  • Consider reserving your booking a month before your requested date.
  • Be careful of your speed on Lincoln. This area is known for speed traps!
  • If you book a spa treatment, you can hang out at the spa all day.
  • There is a private outdoor pool with views of Camelback Mountain.
  • The Joya Terrace serves food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, from 11 to 5 daily.
  • The Joya Spa offers spa package specials and seasonal specials. Click here to see the massage list, and to access the other treatments, including body treatments, facials, hair and nails, and more.
  • You can get a spa pass if you don’t have a treatment booked. It costs $60 for guests staying at the resort and $90 for local guests. This includes taxes and a service charge.

Should You Choose the Joya Spa?

With so many spas in Arizona to choose from, should you visit the Joya Spa? I’d give that a resounding “YES!” This was such an incredible experience, and I highly recommend it.

For disclosure, I enjoyed it so much that I returned six months later. I got the same treatment, and it was incredible.

We went for the first time in August, and the weather was perfect for sitting in the pool. We went again in late March, and Mother Nature wasn’t kind, giving us a cool and windy day. It was still just as incredible by (and in!) the pool.

The Moroccan architecture and stylings are magnificent. It’s as if you’re transported to another country and another realm in this luxurious spa.

If you’re looking for an exquisite spa and an incredible experience, I highly recommend the Joya Spa.

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