Where to Stay in Munich—Best Areas & Accommodations

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Not sure where to stay in Munich? This guide has all the best neighborhoods and hotels to check out while spending time in this beautiful German city.

Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany and the Bavarian region’s capital. While it’s best known for Oktoberfest, Munich has much more to offer than this famous beer festival.

People travel to Munich for its many cultural activities, including art galleries and museums. You could also spend hours walking around the city enjoying the incredible architecture.

After a full day of walking, you’ll need a nice and comfortable place to rest your head at the end of each day. Munich also has an incredible nightlife scene, so rest up before heading out into the town for the evening.

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Munich Accommodation Quick Guide 

Not sure where to find the best accommodations in Munich? Here are the three best places to stay in Munich so you can enjoy the city.

Budget—Europaischer Hof: I recommend staying here if you’re coming for Oktoberfest and looking for a budget place to stay. It’s located in the neighborhood of Ludwigsvorstadt, where you can easily get to all the Oktoberfest activities. They have a free breakfast buffet with plenty of local and international choices. It’s also close to the Munich Central Station.

Mid-range—Eden Hotel Wolff: You’ll find this lovely hotel just opposite the central train station. They have many amenities, including a Bavarian restaurant, a rooftop sauna, and a bar. You’ll enjoy staying in this big historic building. The wooden furniture and the exposed brick in the rooms give the hotel a unique and charming vibe.

Luxury—Bayersicher Hof: This 5-star hotel is conveniently located in Altstadt (Old Town) near all the main attractions. They have a Michelin restaurant on site as well as a bar. You can also see a movie at the on-site movie theatre or go to the spa in your free time.

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Altstadt, or Old Town, is the very center of the city. Altstadt is a great place to stay if it’s your first time in Munich or if you only have a few days to spend in the city. Since it’s centrally located, it’s one of the best Munich neighborhoods for sightseeing.

The only disadvantage to staying here is that this part of Munich is often more expensive than others. This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re only spending a day in Munich. For those spending a week or so, Altstadt can challenge your budget.

Spend a few days here to see all the architecture and attractions, then move to a less expensive neighborhood for the rest of your time.

BudgetMercure Hotel Munich: This is an excellent budget hotel just a 3-minute walk from Marienplatz Square. They have a free breakfast buffet every morning to fuel up before hitting the streets for your activities. They also have free Wi-Fi and a co-working space in the hotel.

Mid-RangePlatzl Hotel: Many people say this is one of the best places to stay in Munich. You can get excellent Bavarian food at the onsite restaurant and have your choice of all the local beers. They have a gym, spa, and sauna. The rooms are simple but have a lovely rustic look with new wooden floors and wooden furniture.

LuxuryVier Jahreszeiten Kempinski: This elegant hotel has endless amenities to enjoy your stay in Munich. It’s in one of the best areas to stay in Munich, conveniently located near an S-Bahn station and Hofgarten Park. They have a nice rooftop pool where you can see views of the city, as well as a traditional Bavarian restaurant and a cocktail bar.

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This is a much more residential area, so it’s a popular place to stay in Munich for those looking for some quiet and those traveling with families. It’s also a great spot to feel like a local. There are cafes and pubs on every street, so there is never a shortage of things to eat and drink.

The Gartnerplatz is beautiful; you can lay in the grass or picnic on a sunny day. There are not a lot of accommodation choices here, but the hotels are very reasonably priced.

BudgetHotel Admiral: This little boutique hotel is stunning, from the antique furniture to the Baroque paintings on every wall. There is a little garden in the middle of the hotel where you can enjoy your free breakfast. It’s also within walking distance of several attractions, including the Hofbrauhaus Brewery.

Mid-RangeHotel GIO Munich (formerly Hotel Herzog Munich): Walking distance to the Oktoberfest grounds, this hotel is perfect for those planning to go to the festival in Munich. Make sure to get a room with a balcony so you can see the gardens below, which are stunning. The nearest U-Bahn station is also just a few minutes on foot.

LuxurySofitel Munich Bayerpost: This hotel has some of the city’s most elegant rooms, complete with rainfall showers and Nespresso machines. They have a beautiful French restaurant on site as well as a fitness center and heated pool. You can walk to the Munich central station in just two minutes.

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This is the best area to stay in Munich if your main goal while here is to visit the museums and art galleries. Since the neighborhood is close to Munich’s universities, there are many hostels and other choices for budget accommodation.

It’s also one of the best areas for Munich nightlife. There are plenty of places to explore here after dark, from bars to nightclubs.

BudgetHotel Alfa Zentrum: If you’re searching for the best budget place to stay for your weekend in Munich, this is it. It’s just a 5-minute walk away from the Munich Central Station. The onsite bar is open 24/7, and the grounds for Oktoberfest are also within walking distance.

Mid-RangeHotel Europa: Even though this hotel is right in the middle of the city, it’s still quiet and serene mostly because of the garden and courtyard in the middle of the grounds. You’ll find a tram stop outside the door that can take you anywhere in Munich.

LuxuryMandarin Oriental: Just 5 minutes walking distance from Marianplatz, the rooms here are stunning and elegant. You can also get 24/7 butler and room service. They have a few fancy restaurants on-site, including one that serves Japanese and Peruvian food. You can also use their bikes for free to explore the city. 

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Top Things to Do in Munich

Now that you know all the best areas in Munich and have the perfect place to stay each night, make sure you don’t miss all these amazing things to do in Munich.

  • Have some drinks at a biergarten. Munich is very well known for beer halls and beer gardens. They are a great spot to sit outside and enjoy a few beers with locals and other travelers. The most popular biergartens include Augustiner Keller and Tap House.
  • Visit the Englischer Garten. This is a huge public park in Munich and is one of the world’s largest gardens. You can stroll around, relax, and even see a Japanese teahouse and Chinese Pagoda in the middle of the park. And check out the surfers!
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest. If you’re here in September and October, you can celebrate Oktoberfest, which is the celebration of the wedding of King Ludwig I. It’s a huge tourist attraction, and over 7 million liters of beer are drunk here yearly.
  • Walk down Shirker’s Alley. This street has a fascinating history because residents used to pass down this road to avoid passing a memorial that Hitler erected to honor 16 Nazi supporters that were killed. If you passed the monument, you were required to salute Hitler, so people would pass down this alley instead to avoid having to honor Hitler.
  • See Marienplatz. Here is the main city center square of Munich. It’s a beautiful city square where you can also see the New City Hall and the Old City Hall.
  • Tour St. Peter’s Church. This church is one of the oldest in Munich and was built during the 12th century. You can climb to the top of the church if you’re willing to go up the steep 300 stairs and get an amazing view of the city.
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How to Get to Munich

If you’re coming from another country, the best way to get to Munich is to fly. Munich has a huge airport, and from there, you can easily get to Old Town using the airport shuttle bus or the S-Bahn.

You can take a train if you’re already in Germany. Depending on where you’re coming from, you might be able to get a direct train, or you might need to transfer a few times.

Many buses come to Munich from other European destinations like Prague, Budapest, and Amsterdam.

How to Get Around Munich

Many people walk or bike around Munich. If you’re tired, though, or want to reach an area not easily walked to, you have many different options for public transportation.

Munich has a U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus, and tram system that you can take full advantage of.

When to Visit Munich

For the best weather, come to Munich in the springtime after the bitter cold is gone but before the large crowds come for summer. Late March to mid-May offers amazing weather, and you can walk around the city without being too hot or cold.

If you want to come for Oktoberfest, you’ll want to come in late September and October.

How many days in Munich is enough?

Three to four days are usually needed to explore the best that Munich has to offer. If you have more time, that’s even better as you’ll get to see some of the lesser visited sights and take a few Munich day trips.

You can make 2 days in Munich work if you are willing to do some early mornings and late nights.

Is Munich a walkable city?

Yes, Munich is very walkable. Especially if you are staying in Old Town, you will not need to take a lot of public transport.

Even if you are staying in another neighborhood, walking from one place to another is very easy. Each area has sidewalks where you can safely walk or ride a bike, making the walking journey very comfortable without worrying about traffic!

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What is the hippest part of Munich?

If you want to be in the coolest neighborhoods in Munich with lots of young families and a very dynamic crowd, you should consider staying in Glockenbach or Isarvorstadt. Both of these neighborhoods draw in a young crowd because they have many different pubs and bars.

There are also many choices for affordable accommodation, whether it be an inn, a trendy boutique hotel, or a laidback hostel where you can meet other travelers.

Is Munich safe?

Munich is one of the safest cities in Europe, and there are very rare instances of violent crime both for tourists and residents. Most people even say they feel safe enough to walk around alone at night, and it’s common for people to have a few drinks and then head home alone.

As with all cities, keeping your bag close and being aware of your surroundings never hurts.

Where to Stay In Munich: The Best Places are Waiting For You!

I hope by now you know exactly where to stay in Munich! The city has tons of places to choose from, but you can narrow down your search by using the recommendations in this article.

Whether you’re coming for Oktoberfest or just to explore the stunning region of Bavaria, Munich has amazing hotels and places to stay for every budget.

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